Information for Students

  • Connecting to VPN (University Network)
  • Configuring / Accessing your Email Account
  • Using OwnCloud
  • ZOOM

Please use our standard VPN software to connect to the university network. For further information click HERE.

You can access your emails via Webmail or set up the email account on your computer following THIS instruction.

For accessing OwnCloud we recommend using this LINK in your browser. If you want to synchronize your ownCloud to your computer please see THIS instruction.


In order to also hold interactive courses virtually, the Applied has acquired a license for the video conferencing tool ZOOM.
Setting up an account:
As a rule, registration is not necessary for students or those who only attend meetings.
All that is required for this is the software that can be downloaded and installed using the download link:
Zoom client:


First steps in ZOOM

ZOOM is structured intuitively and can be learned in “learning by doing”. The ZOOM video tutorials are a great way to find your way around. These videos explain how to join and create meetings as well as the central controls. Participation in meetings is possible via some web browsers (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox), for all other functions we recommend downloading the ZOOM client for meetings. There are also Zoom Mobile apps for mobile devices in the Apple Store and Google Play Store.
You will find comprehensive information in the ZOOM Help Center. The following instructions including video tutorial (English with German subtitles) are probably particularly relevant for you:

You may find the following moderation and discussion rules for remote meetings particularly helpful in the sense of the so-called “netiquette”.


ZOOM support

We would like to point out that the ZOOM servers are located in the USA and the highest level of data protection is not to be expected. We therefore advise against uploading sensitive files via the software.

The event management team supports the ZID with ZOOM-support.

The colleagues are available for assistance, test calls and test courses and support you in setting up ZOOM and planning / holding courses via ZOOM. For appointments from Monday to Friday, 10:00am to 4:00pm, please send your (as specific as possible) question to

If you have more “advanced” questions about ZOOM, the ZID will try to answer them via “classic ways” (email, telephone): (+43 1 711 33 2107)